ICONFi VIP User interviews: Yann’s Story

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Dear ICONFi users,

This time, ICONFi’s user spotlight interview is joined by Yann, currently working in the field of Analytics (Data Science).

Yann started buying crypto assets in 2018. But before that, there was his fiancé at the starting point of his entering into the crypto world.

“My fiancé got into crypto in 2014. When I heard of crypto assets from her, my first attitude was waiting and seeing how it goes around the market, because I was not sure that this crypto world would be major or not in the future. But in 2018 I realized that this field is a very promising and inevitable market. So I did my own research and started to buy crypto assets.”

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After experiencing several ups and downs in the crypto market, Yann decided to keep 80% of his assets in CeFi.

“If I trade my crypto, I have to keep my eyes on it all day, and this very distracts me. So I decided to keep them in ICONFi. ICONFi presents quite high interest rates and I love the clock-like distributing interest at regular intervals. For example, the Fixed Earn product provides interest payment every 4 hours, 6 times a day. There’s nothing I have to do, but I check it everyday because it is so satisfying.”

When the ICONFi team asked what the future plan is on his crypto assets, he said he would like to grow his crypto with ICONFi.

“The majority of my crypto assets are in ICONFi. My goal is just getting as much BTC, ETH as possible. I don’t have a plan to sell them for the time being. If I had more crypto assets, I would HODL it in ICONFi. ”

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Although he gave very positive feedback about his user experience with ICONFi, he pointed out that some other features should be improved.

“Sometimes the app freezes. That made me a bit annoyed but I know the ICONFi team makes announcements about the system issue openly and hot-fixes it right away. And another thing I want to talk about is the aspect of functionality. I expect to see more user-friendly functions and a better UI with future updates.”

As for the question about recent tumult in the crypto market, Yann also had concerns about it.

“What happened in the market raised a red flag, so I felt like I had to move some assets into the flexible accounts just in case. Previously I was strictly putting everything in the 180D Fixed savings for the highest rates. I guess I’ll go back to Fixed Savings later.”

Big Change is coming.

ICONFi has been making efforts to bring more value back to its users and the series of interviews have helped to have a better understanding of what our users want and how we can go further to make a better service platform for the users. ICONFi is stepping on to the next level of Finance services based on Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency market — a revolution on the ICONFi app.

Please stay tuned for more information and further announcements!


If you have any questions or feedback, please open a ticket at #support channel on https://discord.gg/YdWsjaW8Eh.

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