Dear ICONFi users,

ICONFi has had extremely great time for almost a year from the first launch — now we have paid compound interests to ICONFi users more than whopping 1 million times and 2.8 million dollars worth of BTC, ETH, USDT and USDC.

And yes, when there’s income, you…

Dear ICONFi Users,

The ICONFi team appreciates your support and thanks for using the ICONFi services. Everything we have achieved was possible thanks to your support.

It has been almost a year since when the ICONFi App was launched — the ICONFi team believes that now is the best time…

Dear ICONFi users,

Thanks to the great support from ICONFi users and many ICONists around the globe, ICONFi has been making a relentless progress since when we launched the ICONFi app.

Lately we have seen a number of ICONFi fans who have been promoting ICONFi without any reward — so…


A new crypto staking and earn service for the ICON community.

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