KING of Staking Event on ICONFi

The event requires the following steps:

  1. Take a screenshot of your staking coins — ICX, BAND, NEAR — on ICONFi. You cannot participate in the event if you don’t have staking coins.
  2. Share the screenshot on Twitter and include all the following Hashtags: #ICONFi#ICX #BAND #NEAR #Staking
  3. Submit your ICONFi Email address and your screenshot tweets via the event Google Form:
  4. ICONFi team will check out the number of Likes and Retweets participants have received. The sum of the numbers of Likes and Retweets will be the indicator to be the winner of this event.
  5. You can post multiple tweets, and please update all the Tweet links on this Google Form. But please be noted that only one Twitter ID can be matched with one ICONFi account.
  6. This event will be held for 2 weeks from today — from June 13th to June 27th. There will be a closing announcement on June 27th. The counting will continue until the event closure.
  7. The winner of the event will receive 200 ICX, and 30 ICX will be given to 10 random event participants! The reward distribution will be made on ICONFi app in 7 days from the event closure.

Share the screenshot of your staking coins and be the KING of Staking!


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