Join the ICONFi Team — We are Hiring!

Thanks to our amazing users and team members, ICONFi has experienced incredible growth since our launch in January 2021. As we continue to flourish, we are searching for more talented individuals to join the ICONFi team.

It is an amazing time to work in the blockchain space, whether you have experience or are new to the industry. Things move incredibly fast, which means that you can accelerate your career and play an active role in the development of this exciting field.

If you are experienced or even new to blockchain, it is an amazing time to be part of the world of cryptocurrency.

About Us

ICONFi is a global leader in digital asset finance offerings, operating with the mission to ‘make crypto simple’. Our goal is to help connect the world financially by democratizing wealth and equipping individuals with digital assets.

We do this by creating accessible, intuitive, and simple products that empower more people with financial independence through digital assets.

Our Team

We are a team of passionate individuals who are inspired by the potential of cryptocurrency. As a growing industry, the sky is the limit in terms of product development and market growth. We are always on the lookout for individuals who wish to have an impact in this space and who are confident in their ability to get things done.

At ICONFi, we don’t care where in the world our team members work from or when. We currently have offices in Singapore, Seoul, Sydney, and San Francisco, but proudly support remote work options.

Our Products

Since our launch, we have developed the ICONFi mobile application and incorporated staking, Airdrip rewards, DeFi and interest-earning deposit accounts. We are always exploring new features and ensure that we make user interactions as simple as possible.

Is this you?

Want to change the way the world sees digital assets? Do you love crafting digital experiences that are that you cannot resist using? Are you hungry to learn and grow at a rate that you choose?

You have come to the right place.

At ICONFi, we are looking for go-getters who are passionate about blockchain and delivering excellent user experiences. We are still a small team with huge ambitions and welcome individuals who believe that they can create impact.

We are on the hunt for software engineers, product managers, business developers, marketing geniuses and finance professionals. And if you can offer something completely different, we still want to hear from you.

To find out what roles we are actively recruiting for, visit our Jobs page on LinkedIn. If you don’t see a role that suits you, we still want to hear from you. Send us your CV, a short introduction and any projects/GitHub/things you want to show off to

Please do not be shy, as you may be the team member that we did not know we were looking for.

Additional Information

ICONFi is committed to building and fostering an inclusive, diverse workplace. We understand the power of inclusion and diversity in driving success.

We encourage candidates of all backgrounds to reach out, even if you do not meet all the requirements for a job posting.

It’s highly likely you’ll bring something to the workplace that we haven’t thought of yet, and we would love to hear from you.

About ICONFi

ICONFi is a digital asset savings platform that provides simple and intuitive earn products so that anyone can easily multiply crypto assets. ICONFi aims to simplify the complicated processes often associated with crypto assets and offers a sleek, straightforward user interface which supports saving, staking and airdrop activities at the palm of your hand.

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